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What I want from Tweeples in 2010 – That means you!

December 29, 2009

Twitter kinda summed up a lot of 2009.

There wasn’t any earth shattering product announcements, no conference that changed the way we look at the world entirely and no single thing that got as much discussion or produced as many “lists” as twitter did.  We (for the most part) didn’t know what we were doing or how it should be done.  We were learning as we went and were making a lot of mistakes in the process.  But you know what?  At least we were trying! We’ve had a year to get this under our belts – we’ve seen each other make mistakes, have some amazing wins and be really annoying at times.  We’ve watched as people struggled to figure out just how much they were and weren’t comfortable sharing and others determine if they were comfortable on it at all.  We’ve seen pictures of cats and kids and dogs in sweaters.  We’ve watched romances blossom…and fizzle.  We’ve built networks and relationships of people that are equally as geeky as we are. And honestly, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

But now, its time for us to move on a little from our tweeting adolescents….So I ask – what was your role in 2009?  Were  you an influencer, educator, connector, friend, entertainer, voyer or just noise in the background?

Ok, honestly, I don’t really care what your role was in 2009 – Focus on your role in 2010 and read some of my suggestions:

Here are my top 10 resolutions for all the tweeters I know:

  1. People – DO NOT  put “Please RT” in your tweets.  If it is interesting, I will RT.  If it is interesting and you ask me to RT, I won’t cause that’s just how I am.
  2. The authenticity debate ends.  No one is actually authentic unless you see what they do in their own house all alone when no one is watching.  You are who you are.
  3. #FF AKA #FollowFriday will actually have different people every week.  I get it, you have friends on twitter.  What else you got for me?
  4. People start RT’ing more frequently.  If you see something great – RT it – it might introduce us to someone we don’t know.
  5. Don’t just tweet a link.  It makes me angry.  I want to know what I am going to be looking at.
  6. Stop the stupid “influencer lists”  Everyone is influenced by different things – who are you to tell anyone else what they are influenced by
  7. Engage people.  Its simple – but talk to people that follow you on occasion.  You’ll be surprised what you may have in common.
  8. Meet people offline.  Believe it or not – there are still these things called phones.  Apparently some people even have them that aren’t cellular.  I think they are called boomers.
  9. While we are on that topic, Can we get over the generational issues debate on twitter?  Unless of course you are part of the #genYunconference
  10. You will send me brownies from @ftbrownies or other goodies – cause these last few weeks have been delish

PS. Don’t stop being personal and sharing all the fun things that I really do love!  I kinda secretly do like the kitty pics.  


2009 – A Year in Review

December 25, 2009

All I can say is WOW 2009 was simply amazing for me professionally and I owe so much of it to the brilliant people I have met and learned from this year!!!  It would be absolutely impossible to list each and everyone of you by name – but the ones that are important and have really made and impact and difference know who they are.

Sooo…Here’s to 2010 and hoping to get to meet even more of you next year!!

So, in the tradition of end of years lists…here are a few…

The favorite blogs I’ve done – based on feedback/email/etc

  1. Want a new job?  Stop being so Nice.  Seriously.  I hate it.
  2. Maybe I have a fear of commitment, but...
  3. Revolutionary Road Recruiting
  4. Why I’d Rather work at Starbucks (An 8 Year olds take on your Employment Brand)
  5. Is your Reality Meeting your Dreams?

Favorite Post Conference Blogs

  1. What Happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. (which lead to I got me some Joel Cheesman love)
  2. I’m huge on Twitter
  3. ERE – Behind the scenes
  4. NY goes Social

With that…here are some of my favorite pictures from conferences in 2009…

Kennedy – Vegas (Umm…no pics from this one!)

ERE – Florida (See all the pics HERE)

HR Technology Expo (See all the pics HERE)

Recruitfest (See all the pics HERE)

Kennedy/OnRec – Chicago (See all the pics HERE)

Social Recruiting -NYC

Are you a top 25 digital influencer?

December 17, 2009

Don’t worry, I’m not either…Congrats to everyone that did make it!

Check out the full list here – some GREAT names on the list!

It is a part of the John Sumser legacy of educating us on who we should be paying attention to and is on his new site!

In Life, Timing is Everything

December 16, 2009

Timing can often suck in life.  Timing is far more than about being at the right place at the right time – it is about having every other additional factor involved in the situation lining up exact as well.   Bad timing is often the excuse people give when they look back at their lives and play the what if game.

There is no where this can be expressed more directly (from a work perspective) than through the Job Seeker/Recruiter relationship.

1.  Job Seeker – Contacted a local recruiter because they needed a job.  Recruiter says they would be ideal, but has no openings right now.  Timing Sucks.

2.  Recruiter – Gets contacted by ideal candidate but has no job to offer them.  6 months later ideal job opens up and can’t remember ideal candidate.  Timing Still Sucks.

Just another simple example of how timing can suck in life –  This past week I was in Boston. On Sunday night I missed out on the Blogging4Jobs Webshow because the internet went down in my hotel 1 hour before show time.  On Tuesday I was in meetings from early morning to late at night and I missed out on a webinar that I REALLY wanted to see sponsored by Avature (Recruiting CRM tool) and hosted by the ever brilliant Susan Burns on Talent Pooling.  (Did you miss it too?  Watch it here)

Anyway, IMO,  Talent Pipelining is all about fixing poor timing in life.  Well, at least in recruiting.  It’s something I have been wondering why its use wasn’t more widespread for years.   It never made since to me that companies wouldn’t utilize talent pipelining tools (standalone or built into their existing ATS product) that can help them hire BETTER people FASTER and for LESS MONEY!!!  Seriously, can someone explain to me the downside of this? How?

I have a candidate who wants a job with my company.  I have no job to offer.  I add them into my pipeline/pool/crm/whatever.  I keep them in a folder/file/whatever and send marketing emails keeping them liking my company.  I have a job to offer.  I let candidate know.  They apply.  We hire.  Everyone is happy.

Moral of story:  Bad timing is what creates missed opportunities that will forever make you wonder about the what if’s of life.  We can reduce the number of what-ifs with regard to candidates if we pipeline/CRM/pool them for the future.  The end.

PS. If this all makes since to you and you STILL aren’t ready to do it because it means that you have to be on the early adopter (not really, but I know a lot of you think it is) side of things – go back to 2006 and read this and see what I really think of people/companies afraid to be 1st.

Check out new blog I found…

December 14, 2009

Ok – I’m in Boston and haven’t had a chance to see the city – but I did get a new MacPro laptop, met some great industry people and ran across a new blog.  Since I won’t have time to blog at all until I get back check out Jason J Davis‘ new blog – he is a super smart guy who really gets it in this space.  Glad to see him starting to blog!

Stability in Change #FitnessFriday

December 11, 2009

I think it is a natural human reaction to like stability and familiarity – especially in the face of change.   Latching onto something that is known and predictable brings a lot of comfort when the rest of your life seems to be moving and changing too fast for you to really analyze and gain control.   Think back to when you were a kid and held onto your teddy bear when you were scared or tired.  The more the familiar and stable changes – the more that 1 item of comfort is there to help you get through and adjust.  I used to see that need to connect like that with something or someone was nothing more than a weakness.

This past 12 months has been one of the most evolutionary years of my life.   The prospect (and reality) of turning 30 made me really evaluate my life, career and self and really decide if I was who I wanted to be.  It made me question everything I ever knew and make decisions outside of the fear of change.  The results of which created an amazing amount of change and the need for something stable in my life.   I turned to the gym. I made it my stability – my focus – my place to clear my head.  It was where I could think about everything or nothing or come up with solutions that I hadn’t thought about before.  It was where I really revamped my drive, focus and determination all while rediscovering a passion for life that went beyond what I was gaining in the gym.  The great thing is that it didn’t even have to be MY gym – it was anywhere, anytime I could steal way to invest in me… It was the action of working out that created the stability through change that I needed.  I didn’t love it or even enjoy it most of the time.  In fact, there were time when I would go for a few weeks without stepping foot in it.  But I always went back – because I could mentally notice the difference when I didn’t.

The next 12 months will even more full of change than 2009 was.  This time I am going into it prepared, excited, in way better shape and ready for it!

PS.  If those things don’t matter to you because your life is figured out – I also managed to drop 30+ pounds this year…so, take motivation off that!


What I did this week

  • I did cardio – I have ran/jogged/fast walked in a variety of combinations roughly 7 miles this week.
  • I did targeted weight training at the gym – 2 days on legs, 1 day on upper body
  • I cleaned my basement – ok, not all of it – but it was a start – it took a lot of moving and organizing and calories
  • I painted – my shoulders and arms got quite a work out from my 5 wall painting extravagana

Songs from this week

This week has been an odd little week on the ipod – A lot of the songs were songs that reminded me of something else – high school, college, a funny story – familiar songs, I guess.  BTW – there will NEVER be christmas songs on this list.

Sampling of my playlist this week

  • When I grow up – PCD
  • Sixteen – No Doubt
  • If you seek Amy – Britney Spears
  • Temperature – Sean Paul
  • Candy Shop – 50 Cent
  • American Boy -Estelle
  • Tik Tok – Ke$ha
  • Crazy Love – Pepper

SXSW Here I come!!!

December 10, 2009

Ok, Breaking News…More details to follow – but I am SUPER STOKED to have just found out that I will be doing a session along with David Peck at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive this spring targeted to job seekers and hr pro’s that will be there titled “Using Social Media to Score” – we’ll be talking about linkedin, twitter, facebook, mobile and whatever else we feel like!!  With more than 2500 submissions for slots – I was honestly not expecting to actually be going!!!